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Torrens University Graduate Certificate of education (AUTISM) offers a High-quality, high-impact course that is co-designed by leading educators and people on the Autism spectrum.

GoodNews! If you are a teacher and you want to acquire a comprehensive range of tools and techniques to problem-solving from a person first perspective in a variety of contexts to improve the education and support individuals with Autism?
Or you are a Practitioner involved in an educational context and working with students on the Autism spectrum, you will gain an invaluable in-depth understanding of the challenges and strengths, and how to respond utilizing the person first perspective.
Torrens University Graduate Certificate of education (AUTISM) offers a High-quality, high-impact course that is co-designed by leading educators and people on the Autism spectrum which is a Full-time 2 trimesters Course and part-Time 3-4 trimesters.
Authentic materials facilitate a deep understanding of Autism from a person first perspective, designed for people who want to make a real difference in the lives of individuals on the Autism spectrum.
This program focuses on gaining a relevant and authentic understanding of the issues faced by individuals with Autism and includes access to a comprehensive online learning environment, where participants engage with staff from Torrens University Australia and people on the Autism spectrum through videos, live events, online discussions, practical activities, and projects. It is offered through a dynamic and participatory online study mode.

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  • This course is unique in its ‘person-first’ approach, and in the depth of understanding about Autism.
  • The course gives students interested in how to support individuals on the Autism spectrum a unique insight into Autism and the unique opportunity to engage with individuals on the spectrum for a deeper, more informed understanding.
  • Receive an internationally-recognized postgraduate qualification that demonstrates the knowledge, skill, and understanding that participants have gained through the course.
  • On completion of the Graduate Certificate of Education (Autism) students may wish to continue with the Graduate Certificate of Education (Mental Health) and Graduate Certificate of Education (Learning Differences) and work towards a Master of Education (Special Education).





Person first in Autism:

The person first approach is used in this subject to introduce the problem-solving skills required when supporting an individual with Autism

Autism: Contemporary Practices:

Utilizing a holistic perspective, the lifespan for an individual with Autism in the present day is explored

Autism Support Across the Lifespan:

With a deeper understanding of Autism from the perspective of person first theory, and lifespan complexities, students are challenged to reimagine learning practices.

  • Technology and Education
  • Innovation for Education
  • Design Thinking for Education


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