OAA Study has been involved in providing accurate guidance and counselling to students across the globe when it comes to their career.
Our Professional Career Advisors have been successful in helping our students achieve their short and long-term goals.
We understood the changing nature of the world we live in today and the evolving impact of technological innovation and legislative requirement. We take a global view when advising students on the right career pathway for their career by ensuring SMART Pathways (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely).
OAA Study go straight to the point, ensuring pathways produce outcomes that are specific to student’s goals.
OAA Study ensures pathways have a timeline for review to achieve the desired outcome. We keep track of student’s pathway progressions.
OAA Study provides actionable pathways to students, considering students study, work and leisure commitment and ensures recommended pathways are flexible for students to action and achieved the agreed outcome.
OAA Study ensures pathways are real by ensuring our recommended pathways are relevant to the changing technological and legislative landscape.
Time is too precious to waste, OAA Study ensures pathway are timely to student’s goals and within students circumstances e.g. visa durations, eligibility for post study work visa.
Our services include a range of activities such as developing career pathways, skills assessment, professional development and mentorship.
We undertake stepwise procedure while giving career advice to our students; after listening to the student, we take into consideration all the related circumstances of the student including but not limited to; student goal, choice of study, previous qualification and experiences, financial situation and student academic capacity.
Our experienced and highly knowledgeable counsellors aim to provide the best guidance to the students for their education pathways by looking out for various recognised institutions.

Here, we make sure that all the needs are fulfilled such as the course selection, study campus location accommodation, course fees, visa requirements and future career options in accordance to the student’s circumstances. The success our students have achieved reflect our dedication towards guiding them through the most appropriate path out of numerous available options. 

We are excited to be a partner in developing and shaping students to be global citizens.

For more information about OAA Study Career Advisory Services, please contact one of our friendly team!