Work and Travel around the world sounds interesting? Yes, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! We help you to find a job and support you with organizing your visa with work permit, help prepare necessary documents, accommodation and offer you other value added services.

In addition we offer social activities such as travel trips so that you will enjoy your freetime. We are also engaged in health and safety issues. During your work and travel expirience we are available to help solve any problems which may arise.

General conditions and objectives of a Work and Travel Visa:

Work: Usually Candidates don´t need to have qualification or experience as training might be given at the place of work necessary. The types of jobs on offer may include sales-people, cashiers, host and staff in hotels, restaurants or entertainment parks

Travel: Applicants may remain in the country until the end of their visa or exit and re-enter within.

To learn about the requirements you can take a look at the websites of the government. The minimal and maximal duration of stay are determined by the VISA regulations of the specific country in which the applicant is admitted.

Benefits of a Work and Travel abroad:

Working in another country is a sure way to immerse yourself in another culture while offsetting your travel costs. Work and Travel enables you to earn money and experience daily life for part of your journey. Then travel and explore the country! You will have time to make new friends while also gaining work experience. We provide you job placement or job search support.

Teach English in China and other opportunities:

We help English-speakers to apply and get a placement for a Teacher Job in Asia

  • Learn where you can teach English with your skills and gain international work experience for you career

  • Help Asian students to master your language and get paid for your teaching work (English Teacher in China: ca. “Chinese Yuan” 7.000 -14.000 RMB/year, in Vietnam ca. 20 USD/hour plus health insurance provided)


Jobs in the UK

  • Activity Instructeur / Group Leader: work with children and earn £104 – £250 per week incl. free accommodation and meals

  • Housekeeper for guest accommodations and facilities

  • Caterer work in a kitchen

  • Retail Assistant serving customers in a bar or shop

  • General assistant help maintain properties outside

Get in contact for more information about Work and Travel support services:

Our friendly OAA study team will inform and support you with more details about working and traveling in Australia and overseas.