Become a Volunteer Worker and make a change for your international development

People that volunteer through OAA Study are our most valued assets. They reflect our passion for great service and share in our energy to make the world a better place. OAA Study team possess the knowledge and firsthand experience of volunteerng in Australia, Asia and Africa.

We connect volunteers with volunteering opportunities in Australia or Overseas, We are a member of global organisation offering volunteer work programs in different fields. There are opportunities in joining a volunteer project all over the world, especially in Asia Pacific Region, Africa, South America and Europe, and in other countries such as Australia and USA.

Benefits of a volunteer program:

Besides the value you will add serving a community or field of your choice, volunteering will have a positive benefit for you as volunteer as well, because it improves your human skills.

Human skills are essential in order to be able to work well with different people, lead successfully as an effective manager and also improve your own quality of life.

You will learn that communication and relationship skills ease the way for accomplishing a business team’s and your personal goals. Moreover you might have the chance to be trained in a specific area you seek to work in and make contacts for future employment, such as in education (volunteering in schools), medicine / emergency rescue or other sectors (enviromental or social volunteering).

Some of our great examples of Volunteer Projects:

  • Volunteer English Teacher in Indonesia
  • and more
For more information about OAA Study Volunteer work opportunities, please contact one of our friendly team!