OAA Study Exchange Programs for High School and University Students – study abroad tour

We connect you with reputable, international high schools, colleges and universities in Australia and overseas. There are opportunities to be placed in OAA Study Partnered institutions all over the world – no matter which field of study. Your subject of study is your choice: Creative Art & Music, Graphic/Media, Travel & Tourism, Leadership & Management, Health Care, Engineering, Child Education & Care and much more.

OAA Study Exchange Program Difference:

Usually an exchange program is a program in which students from a university study at one of their university partner institutions, However, OAA Study Exchange Program provides students the opportunities to study in any of OAA Study partnered universities and colleges providing students more choices.
OAA Study Exchange Program may involve international travel, but does not necessarily require the student to study outside of his or her home country.

Benefits of a Student Exchange Program:

The experience of studying abroad expands your historical and cultural knowledge of another country. OAA study offers placements in education institutions throughout Australia and also overseas. In some cases you might even get academic credit.
Our friendly team will inform and support you with more details about studying as an Exchange Student in Australia and overseas