OAA Study Internship Programs abroad – Become an Intern Trainee and get practical work experience of your future professional career.
We connect students as well as post-graduate adults with various reputable companies from Australia and overseas. In particular if you are seeking an internship in a professional field such as medicine, science, engineering, architecture, law, accounting and finance business, technology and advertising, there are opportunities to be placed in a internship project all over the world, especially in Australia, Europe or America and in developing countries in some part of Africa and Asia.

General conditions and objectives of an internship program:

Usually positions as an intern trainee participating in an internship program are temporary part- or full-time (in average between one and four months) and may be paid, partially paid or unpaid and some interns might get options to be paid through stipends.
The objective of an internship is an exchange of work related experience between you and a specific company or organisation that offers internships to suitable candidates.

Benefits of an internship program:

As an intern trainee you can use an internship program in order to determine if you are interested in a particular career. Your intention might be gaining a school credit or recommendation letter that you can add to your curriculum vitae (CV). Above all you can even start creating a network of contacts for your future career.
After completing your internship program there might be a chance to get a paid, permanent job with the company of your choice. Especially when your work performance was remarkable and it can be determined you only need little or no more training to begin or continue as a regular employee. However to get employed after the end of an internship is not guaranteed.

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